Who is Batsinthe Belfry?

alias: Batsinthe Belfry
date of birth: 25th of February, 1989
marital status: engaged with Mr. Wolf
headquarters: Oulu, Finland
occupation: graphic designer
height: 160cm
weight: 56kg
hair: black
eyes: blue
tattoos: two bats over heart and five more on lower back
piercings: 3x lobe, labret, navel

I am the webmistress of Naughty Nightmares, twenty-something goth girl from Oulu, Finland, newly graduated Bachelor of Culture and Arts, working as graphic- and web designer, illustrator and comic artist. When I'm not working, I love browsing second hand shops, playing with my cat Béla, collecting bones and absinthe bottles, doing burlesque, climbing on my pole, modelling, playing D&D or Magic the Gathering, drawing, painting, reading and watching movies, series and documentaries. Oh, and lurking around in teh internets, obviously. ;)

Other things close to my aorta are dark aesthetics in clothing, make-up, home decor, music and pretty much everything in my life. I love decadence, even though I often have trouble with too much sensibility, haha. I'm also into BDSM lifestyle and fetishwear, such as latex, pvc- and leather, collars, corsets, high heels and so on.

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