Friday, February 15, 2013

You make me feel like I am whole again

Hello again sweeties!

So, our very first real burlesque gig took place yesterday on Valentine's day. :3 I'm going to talk more about it when I've finally recovered from the shock (and sleep deprivation, three and a half hours last night *yawn*). :D Meanwhile, I thought I'd chat a bit about Valentine's day!

I consider myself a rather romantic person. Well, at least when I have a partner that I can respect, such as Wolf. He's quite romantic too. We try to do something nice together every day and on special days, anniversaries and such we usually go on a date and do something even more special. We have been together around five and a half years and we still do everything we used to do back when we first started dating. We also kiss and hug each other several times a day still. I think it is very important to spent quality time with your partner even if you have been together several years. Everyone needs to feel appreciated in a relationship. This Valentine's day however, since we had our gig we didn't have much time alone together. Wolf came to see our show of course and he was also very helpful too. I hope we'll have time to spent more time together this weekend. Heh, we exchanged small gifts anyway, both got candy. ;)

Back when we started dating Wolf was in the army and since we couldn't physically be together we wrote a lot of letters. I thought that I'd show a little piece of a letter I wrote to Wolf when we had been going out for a month or so. I was already head over heels in love and still am. Heh, we used to draw to the letters too, since we didn't have cameras back then... :D

Gosh... I'm so tired... I wanna take a nap on Wolf's lap now... but before that, to all to my readers: Happy (late) Valentine's Day! ♥ Below an old picture of me and Wolf. :)

Sunday, February 10, 2013


Hi there! I just arrived back home from a visit to my family and in-laws. I have been stuffing myself with amazing home-cooked foods, seeing friends and even working on my thesis a little bit this weekend, I thought I'd do one more thing before heading for bed and that is post the pictures we took in studio before Christmas for our burlesque group. :)

The reason why I'm posting this now is that we are going to have our first "real" show next Thursday. I'm quite nervous, but excited too! I think I'll write about the event more once we've held it. :) For now, more info about that can be found on Facebook.

But yeah, the pictures! The shoot went really well, Madam Hardware herself was behind the camera and lovely Raw Berry assisted with the lighting and so on. I did the Photoshopping, as usual. :) We worked very efficiently and here's some of the nicest shots of the shoot (in my opinion).

Teehee, playing with my feather.

For some reason, the "ugly pretty" shots seem to suit me the best. :O

I was a bit inspired by this painting and the symbolism going with it. ;)

I totally love my feather boa, but it's losing so much feathers I'll have to buy a new one soon. :<

Haha, the last shot always have to be a weird one for me. :D This time Dragonball Z style power up pose! xD
I really don't know what more to say about these. :D So please do comment, ask questions or whatever you want! I'm going to go get my beauty sleep now, so good night.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Babe in the basement

So the last post was about the new rubbery additions to my wardrobe but the image quality was typical Finnish winter = no sunlight bullshit I wanted to post you these pictures that present the latex pencil skirt much better! These pictures were (once again) shot by Pauli Tavasti and photoshopped by me. They are actually for my burlesque performer Facebook profile. Also, if you want you can go and like me. ^w^ But yeah, the pictures!

Haha, I'm goofing around in the last pic. :D Making an "Immotal face". xD I recently had another photoshoot also for my burlesque page and I'll try to post those pictures too soonish. :3

Friday, February 1, 2013


Firstly, I need to apologise the rather poor picture quality. Firstly, Wolf (who was super sweet to take these pictures) is rarely at home during the few hours of sunlight, especially at the same time as myself and secondly, from now on we probably have to use our cellphone cameras since our only memory card reader broke. :< I wont buy a new reader or cord since I'm planning to buy a new camera anyway in a few months. But yeah, some pictures of the clothes I bought on our trip to London and some other items as well. :3

I bought this Lip Service Ring A Ding Ding Pinstripe Vinyl Skirt from some store in Camden, I think it was DarkSide. :) Such beautiful piece of clothing. I would like to buy the matching shirt also, but I haven't found one in my size (which I think is small in Lip Service) with a reasonable price tag
 also. :< If someone has the One For My Baby Cap Sleeve Top in black and size small I would be interested in buying it. :3

I'm also wearing my new hand bag. I don't remember the brand but I purchased it in Romeo & Julia in Oulu. My poor Demonia bat bag broke (didn't even own it for one year, come on!) so I needed a new one, fast. I really like it, except for the insides, which is black. Just like everything inside it. So I really can't find shit. :D But it is pretty. x3 <3

This latex outfit was the main thing of the London shopping trip. It is actually a playsuit and a high-waist skirt. Both of these are from Honour, but the brand is Skin Two. I totally loved Honour as a shop! The personnel were really nice, the shop well organized and beautifully decorated. I think I tried on half the latex items in the store. :D While leaving both my wallet and heart felt light as feathers... *sigh*

The last piece in this post was a gift from my lovely friend Neeppu. Latex panties from Westward Bound! Awwwwwwwwh I cannot even describe how happy I am! Thank you lovely woman! <3 I definitely have to get some Alice in Wonderland outfit, just because of this lovely, lovely sky blue and cream white coloring. <3

So yeah, pretty much all the nicest pieces of clothing I've bought since summer. :3 Some basic pinstripe pants from flea market and maybe a t-shirt... but so basic I cant be bothered to photograph them. :P Actually I'm selling/throwing out like 75% of my clothing at the moment. Table is reserved and the best pieces have already been bought by friends. I want and need SPACE. But well, I guess that's all for now. :3 I'm off to bed, since I have a draw and paint class early tomorrow. Buh-bye!